Monday, August 6, 2012


From all places I've been, I think I've learned the most here. Last month I've lived in a tree, my hammock 25-30 feet up in the branches. I've dumpster dived; taken cold showers in the free beach bathrooms; slept on the beach; slept in parks; eaten shared food off public grills; walked barefoot around town; walked barefoot into shops; camped out; wake up, sit in the park all day reading a book or practicing hula hoop or doing absolutely nothing and just soaking in sunlight and living. I am what some people despise; I don't work, I wake up whenever I want, I sleep whenever I want, I drink, I smoke, I dance, I play, I take free food whenever I can, I'm homeless and sleep wherever conveniences me; usually a place with a beautiful view. Other people work hard, pay top dollar for vacations so they can feel just a bit of the serenity I feel all of the time.

New Zealand

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Communism, Rum, Coke Libre, Cigars, Dominos, Black Market

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thailand is aisa's sleazy marketplace or perhaps an economical choice.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Old city newly constructed
small cafes, chic, tasteful
food: hearty, meaty, tasty
fresh beer: comes in litters

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ancient and New, Under Construction, Pushy People

Climbing the great wall of china... whoever hewed those stones steps was triiipiiin cuz some were for midget legs and some were for giant peoples legs... you know when you get to the last step but you think there is another so you take a huge step down only to hit the ground, hard? yea. Every time you do that, think, "Great Wall." Honestly, I feel privileged to be here. And triumphant to have come so high and far.

The Terra Cotta Warriors were created at a time when people thought they could take their riches to heaven. I recently read an article about people who bury their dead with miniature paper mansions, cars (think Ferrari, BMW), even maidservants... so after they are dead they will live the life. Across time periods, cultures, religions... some dreams don't change.

I gotta pimp to take me to all the back-door-rooms and felt like a real laaady when he came to the ship at night to deliver my Monte Blanc suitcases and Fendi bags.


street food, face-masks, motorbike traffic

Sa Pa:
colorful clothes, hill tribes, terraced mountains

I am working my muscles carefully, treading carefully through trickles of muddy streams and squishy earth. I sing under my breath, and John whistles and Alun races Viet Hung and Greg pants. Our 16km hike is descending through cascading rice terraces and lush vegetation on the eastern slopes of the Hoang Lien Mountains, also known as the Tonkinese Alps. The Red Dao women, wearing elaborate red headdresses, are plowing the fields and amidst pillars of smoke, fan flames to burn old vegetation. We are invited into an elder woman's home and she dresses me in a new, indigo dyed frock carefully hand-stitched in a yellow and black pattern. she has been sewing this dress for five months now -(it is a new dress for herself)- she only makes herself a new dress once every five years or so. We greet the Dzay people in Tan Van, the Black H'mong and Dao tribes in SuPan, (The majority of people in the north are the Black H'mong who wear exquisitely embroidered indigo tunics and heavy silver jewelery, and are terrific salesmen), and end up in a bamboo and wood plank stilt-home of a Tay family in the village of Ban Ho where we stay for the night. We are greeted by almost all the people we pass along the way, everyone wants to know who we are and try and sell us something. It's really cool and they get us to buy their wares: first we are greeted, then asked where we are from, how the trek is going, etc., and once we have become friends they close the deal...
We trek for several days more... the best part of our trek was when I stop to chat with a local woman (through some pantomime and the translation of our local tour guide, Viet Hung). Her 18 yrs old daughter is carrying what looks to be about 30 lbs of rice on her back; her 6 yrs old has a yr old baby wrapped around her back; they are all trekking back home after a day of threshing the rice on top of the mountain. The woman points to some open sores on her feet, they are cuts, they are infected. Thankfully, I got my trusty backpack and a filled first aid kit. I clean her wounds, rub on some first aid cream, bandage her foot and give her a tube of ointment and a shit load of band aids. It feels really good to help her out in the best way I can.